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  • What is under the kilt?

    We get this one A LOT! Traditional Scottish wear of the kilt dictates that the wearer goes "commando", but that being said, athletic competitors are nice enough to wear compression or sports shorts under theirs while competing.

  • Do I have to wear one?

    There would be only 2 reasons you HAVE to wear a kilt to the events. 1) you are competing in the games, or 2) you want to.

  • Where can I get my own kilt?

    Funny you should ask. There are a plethora of kilt suppliers online. Got Kilt, Kilt Bros.,Utilikilt, Sportkilt, and many more. But, we will have Got Kilt at the venue so you can get one at the event if you like.

  • What is a tartan?

    In simple terms, a "tartan" is a plaid pattern used to signify a person's family. These were used back in the day as a way to identify which family (or clan) you were a member of, and in some cases, if you were supposed to be where you were.

  • Is it rude to ask about the kilts?

    It is never rude to ask someone about their kilt. If the person is wearing his tartan, you can ask what clan he is a member of. However, please understand that asking "what are you wearing under your kilt" can be considered quite rude, and there is no telling what kind of response you may get.

  • I want to learn more, where can I go?

    Well you are in luck! Our good friend Kevin Thompson has a website called Kilts Rock ( and he has an entire section in his forum about kilt wearing and the background. That section can be found here and can help with the proper way to size and wear your kilt.